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Valley Arcade

Valley Arcade

With over 11,000 weekly visitors and several offices with hundreds of people, this bustling shopping centre boasts a supermarket, grocery store, fine dining, medical centre and several top tier restaurants in its vicinity.


Ad length is 10 seconds per slot (purchase more if ad is longer) Your artwork must be provided in 1080 x 1920 portrait orientation (Like TikTokm or Facebook/Instagram Stories)


When does my ad appear?

Once every other minute


How long is my ad playing for?

Select one of our packages, each slot is 10 seconds. Add multiple slots if you want your ad to play for longer


What is my exposure here?

Our screen at Valley Arcade is located at the security checkpoint and will allow your ad to be viewed by all the vehicles that stop for their check.


How long will it take for my ad to appear once I make this purchase?

Your ad will be online within 2-3 hours of payment confirmation and review.

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