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Established originally as a digital outdoor advertising agency in 2019 (yes, just before the pandemic!), we've grown to understand that our true strengths lie in design. So whether it's UI/UX for your new app, a sparkling new website or editing your latest podcast, we're undoubtedly going to impress. 

From inception we've built some of the most reputable websites in Kenya, travelled around the world creating content for our social media clientele and even hosted podcasts for NGOs to raise their global profile.

We hold true to our most core value "Commit to the highest standards and deliver them".

Bloomstorm is a design studio based in Nairobi.

About Us

The Creative Mind

Sal Sadak

The Critical Thinker

Komail Hashmani

The Team

Spiritual Journeys

Social Media | Design Consult

Nairobi Jaffery

Website | Design Consult


Design Consult

Impala Downtown

Social Media | Packaging

Eyestyle Opticians

Website | Social Media




Hass Consult

Verona Westlands



UI/UX | Website

Selected Clients

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